Bibliotheca Natura

There's a new section of the blog as of today, called Bibliotheca Natura, where I'm going to write about the biology and ecology of Dubrovnik area. I want to make a kind of biology database where, ideally, anyone will be able to add new (and old) species they encounter around Dubrovnik, and, later on, who knows where else. :3

Now let's explore!

Bibliotheca Natura


Guess who's back?!

Well, of course I'm back. Why would somebody else be back on my blog?

Anyhow, as you can see, I'm back on my old Blogger site. I might ramble about free information society and all that crap but in truth, the only reason I'm not on the alphacmi.com site is because I have no money to renew the domain. So here I am.

If anybody remembers, there was a bunch of new posts on the site after the Another awesome video one, but those are all on the other domain which I can't access any more. Doesn't really matter though, they weren't too clever anyway.

So why am I back? Well, there's been a lot of changes in my life lately so I have a feeling this might be as good time as any to try and breath life into this old bag of thoughts once more. I moved recently, got a car, started the second year of college (again haha)... Things are moving forward and, you know, why would this thing here not move? Let's see how it goes, okay? :)
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