Guess who's back?!

Well, of course I'm back. Why would somebody else be back on my blog?

Anyhow, as you can see, I'm back on my old Blogger site. I might ramble about free information society and all that crap but in truth, the only reason I'm not on the alphacmi.com site is because I have no money to renew the domain. So here I am.

If anybody remembers, there was a bunch of new posts on the site after the Another awesome video one, but those are all on the other domain which I can't access any more. Doesn't really matter though, they weren't too clever anyway.

So why am I back? Well, there's been a lot of changes in my life lately so I have a feeling this might be as good time as any to try and breath life into this old bag of thoughts once more. I moved recently, got a car, started the second year of college (again haha)... Things are moving forward and, you know, why would this thing here not move? Let's see how it goes, okay? :)

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