Earth at night. From space!

Today's post is a coincidental continuation of this one. Once again it revolves around a picture. More precisely, around today's 'Astronomy Picture of the Day'.

Pictured above, as you can clearly see and hopefully recognize, is the Earth at night. The image is actually a composite of many cloud-free night-time images made by VIIRS, Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite, situated on Suomi-NPP satellite, circa 824 kilometers above the surface of our majestic homeworld.

Images of the Earth at night are, in my opinion, much more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the 'Blue marble' type of images, because, during the night, you can really see how evolved as a species and a technological culture humans have become. To be able to be visually seen from outer space is an achievement every species should be damn proud of.

Except if it's actually a universal sign for "Hey, we're here, come and conquer us!" In that case, shit.

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