Atheist Census DDoS-ed

Atheist Census, a project of Atheist Alliance International, was taken offline by a DoS (denial of service) attack, less than 24 hours after it was launched.

Atheist Census is "a global project to count and collect information on the world's atheists." The response from atheist community was quick and impressive, with more than 8,000 participants from all around the globe in less than a day. I am proud to have been the first participant from Croatia, and the last time I was able to check the data, there were 7 more Croats counted. This was just hours after the start of the project. Now, however, not even the local data is accessible, due to the whole page being down.

It is as yet unknown who the culprits are, but it's safe to assume they don't like the idea of the real number of world's atheists being so easy to check. This is a shame, as it only serves to prove the common prejudice against religious people as paranoid and afraid of non-religious folk. It seems as though somebody, a ruling class of some denomination perhaps, doesn't want its flock to get encouraged to leave their faith after seeing the sheer number of non-believers whom they'd be able to join. Putting it this way, this almost seems like a first move in an open-out war, if you will. By the love of Darwin, let's hope this never happens.

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