Model Building: Apollo Lunar and Command Modules

One of my favorite hobbies is model building. I prefer aircraft and spacecraft models, though I also have two ships: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and USS Bismarck Sea escort carrier. Today I finally built two models I brought with me from my visit to Space Expo: Apollo Lunar Module 'Eagle' and Apollo Command Module, both in 1:100 scale.

The command module was quite easy to build, with not many parts, something around 17.

The 'Eagle' module was not that easy to build. It consists of many really small parts (54 total, I think), like antennae and thrusters and stuff. This one was much more fun to build.

Anyhow, I have two new models! :)

Oh, and yeah, I don't color my models. I just like it more when you can see that these are actual hand-made models. When you color them, they look like factory-made toys, at least to me, and that's no fun.
Well, it is fun, and I like space toys, but these are MODELS. I like models. xD

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