Meteor watch 20121020 - Orionids

Those of you with an interest in astronomy probably know that last night was a maximum of Orionids meteor shower. Which means, of course, that I spent half the night laying on my back observing them. I actually forgot about them this year, but two nights ago I saw a bolide and 4 really bright meteors, around 0 magnitude, so I got curious and googled meteor activity, and realized I saw some of the Orionids.
Orionrise (click to embiggen)
Orionids are named after the Orion constellation, one of the best known and most recognizable constellations on both sides of the world (due to its location on the celestial equator, a projection of Earth's equator out into space), because their radiant, a point from which the appear to originate, lies in the said constellation. Where they actually come from is a debris trail left after Halley's comet. During the maximum they usually occur at rates of circa 25 per hour, but I observed a bit more than half that number. As can be seen in the table, I saw a total of 32 meteors in 02h40m, 17 of which were Orionids (the rest being sporadic meteors, not connected with any meteor shower). That means I saw approx. 7 Orionids per hour, which was actually quite disappointing, but what can you do.
More about recorded details:
And now we're waiting for the next meteor shower to come, which would be the Taurids later this month. Do you plan to observe Taurids, and do you observe meteors at all? :)

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