When the religious write about atheism

Google kindly alerted me of news concerning the atheism today, and one article caught my eye in an instant. Written by Father Richard Ho Lung, founder of a religious order called The Missionaries of the Poor (M.O.P.), and published on The Jamaica Gleaner, the article carries quite a sounding title 'Atheism - it is coming!'
I wonder what he's talking about
The article starts with Dostoevsky's quote "If God does not exist, everything is lawful," and goes on to proclaim that "as we enter an age of cataclysmic confusion, there is no thought that is forbidden, no action that is wrong. Our generation continues to question and reject every moral principle of life."

This should be enough to make any sensible person jump from his chair yelling: "Oh no he didn't!" In the very first two sentences of the article the logical fallacy that is the belief that the morals come from religion hits a reader straight between the eyes. Not only is such an idea illogical and pretty much rejected by psychologists all over the world, it is a blatant indicator of arrogance of the religious, who time after time try to claim the ability to be a decent human being as a trait possessed only by those whose entire knowledge of the matter usually comes from a traditional higher ground, be it one's parents or a priest. That this idea is wrong is obvious when one considers the sheer number of different religions (which one has the correct moral codex?) and the numerous absolutely immoral acts done by religious authorities or regular faithful folk about which one can read in any newspaper pretty much every day. I'm not saying that religion makes you a bad person, but I'm sure as hell saying the lack of religion does not either. Articles on this topic, written by far more eloquent and educated individuals than me, can be found in a matter of seconds using Google, so I won't stay on this topic any more.

A bit further into the text Father Richard goes on to bash a basic human freedom of choosing who to love and marry and how: "In our times for instance, there are only partners in marriage, no husband and wife - the length of time of the partnership is arbitrary; there is also any choice of partner in marriage, whether male or female..." A person who chose to live his life in the most unnatural way of all - celibate - finds it his job to decide how we should love, and who. Oh, the irony!

Then, a pearl: "Without the Christian God, we are individuals, we have no community, we seize the moment, we grab what we can. We become existentialists. All that matters is the intensity of the moment, the greatest pleasure we can grasp this day, this place, with this person." I guess the Reverend Father has no idea how right he is when saying this. He is almost completely correct, you see. We are, each of us, individuals, by the very definition of a word 'individual', and we absolutely and positively should seize every single moment we can. Carpe diem, my friends! Our lives are so very, very short, and there are things far more interesting and beautiful in our world than imaginary friends and bronze-age fairy tales. What should matter the most is the intensity of the moment, and we should strive to make every single one greater and more pleasurable than the last. There are only so many moments we can enjoy, and to hell with those who try to tell us not to do so.

I will finish with one more quote, and then leave you to read the article for yourselves, and to ponder upon it. Father Richard gives us one more beautiful example of illogical and ignorant thinking, so typical for those who reject logic and reason: "We know that whether others believe in God or not, He exists. It doesn't depend on their belief in Him. And He, His ways and commands are the only 'way, the truth and the life'." No longer is it a virtue to believe without knowing - no, from now on we will know things even without believing in them. We will not look for the evidence of our or others' claims either, because that is not the way of the faithful. Which you don't have to be to know that fairies and gods exist, because they're out there, man, whether you believe it or not.
When you say it that way, it's hard not to believe...
Here's a link to the article for those too lazy to scroll up: 

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  1. I would agree with his whole "God existing whether you believe in it or not". You could say the same of theories like gravity or the world being round. Gravity existed before we found out about it, much like the world has always been round. The main difference being that we did finally find out that gravity and a spherical planet exist, still looking for the creator though. I don't understand his "individual" line at all. I know Christians are a "community", but they are also "individual parts of one body", so I don't know how to take that. Good post, thanks for the link at the bottom (I'm lazy).


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