The Belt of Venus

If you spend your nights on the computer instead of, you know, sleeping, you might have noticed one of the prettiest atmospheric phenomena early in the morning, near the sunrise. As the light from the rising Sun hits the atmosphere, it is scattered, and a pink-red arch of light called the Belt of Venus appears on the western sky. It usually spreads between 10° and 20° above the horizon, separating the light blue sky from the darker band just above the horizon. This dark part is actually the shadow that the Earth casts on its own atmosphere, called, you'd never guess - the Earth's shadow. It can sometimes be seen twice a day, near the sunrise and sunset, so do yourself a favor and notice it every now and then. It's worth it. :)
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  1. Sunrise and sunsets are the two most beautifull moments of the day!!! So sad not so many stop their lifes for 5 minutes to see it!

    1. I agree with both statements. I guess people just have too much on their minds to notice how awesome our planet can be.


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