Solargraphy project number 1

Ok, the solargraphy project I started 25 days ago is now finished. I opened both of my can pinhole cameras, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. The images would have been better if I put the photographic paper into the cans in completely darkened room, I think, because this way the film got some light right at the start, when it shouldn't have. But I was just too anxious and curious and I couldn't wait. Well, first come are the unedited photos. You can see the colors are inverted and the contrast is, well, terrible.  
Unfortunately, the top got cut off. A tad disappointing.
And this one has a terrible contrast.
And here are images with colors inverted, contrast and curves edited and bla bla whatnot.
Edited, the images are not so terrible.
As usually, my dear Linux Mint is having a bitchy period and won't let me scan the photos with custom settings so I'll have to give it another shot when I finally get to repair the damn thing. For now, anyhow, I guess this is good. Stay tuned to see the final results. :)

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