A very cheap microscope!

You know what's great about reading other people's blogs? You learn stuff! And some really exciting and interesting stuff, too.

For example, while browsing Alex Wild's wonderful blog Myrmecos, I found this post. Which links to this post, by the same author. And, boy, what a great discovery this was! I learned how to turn my lame-ass cellphone camera into an approximation of a microscope. A very, very cheap microscope. It costs exactly - one drop of water! What you do is - you place a drop of water on your cellphone camera... And that's it; you have a liquid magnifying lens. Turn the phone over (carefully, so your drop stays on the camera) and start making pictures.

Of course, the quality of your images will depend on the cellphone you own. I have a Samsung Galaxy I5500, which has quite a... well, it has a terrible 2 MP camera. Still, I'm quite satisfied with the images I made. I decided to test this method on some of the mineral samples I own (I'm a bit of a collector, albeit an amateur one):
Amethyst (click to embiggen)
Also amethyst
If you decide to try this yourself, you're welcome (and encouraged) to share the results in the comments. :)

P.S. Also, I strongly recommend that you check Myrmecos - it has some beautiful insect close-ups, and it's very informative and interesting. Learning is fun!

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