Knowledge and lightning hunting!

Went to the Ruđer Bošković Institute today, where CFI Croatia had organized the first in a series of lectures entitled 'Science Thursday', which is very nice since scientific happenings here are not really common. The topic of today's lecture was the evolution of the universe, which is a very interesting topic, albeit one we've all heard quite a lot about. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of attendants, some 30+ of them. That might not seem like a big number, but believe me, for this part of the world it actually is. Now, not much was said that I (and anyone with even the slight interest in astronomy or physics) didn't already know, but the lesson was very well organized, easy to follow and nothing was left unsaid. And, for the first time, I heard someone say 'We are all made of star stuff' in a public lecture, which in itself is a great moment for Croatian science, I think. Especially when you consider the words of one of the other lecturers I recently listened, who closed his lesson with these words: "If we ever find the unified field theory, we'll have to ascribe it to God, for only he could achieve something like that.' And I think I remember the sentence completely accurately. Bear in mind I'm not talking about some high-school professor - this was one of the most influential Croatian physicists!

Well, however. It was a nice day, although I did get completely wet while returning from the lesson. Stupid rain couldn't wait five minutes to start falling. But then again, I finally managed to capture a lightning with my camera, although it was pretty hard since the longest exposure I could achieve was 4 seconds, due to insanely high amounts of light pollution combined with the low clouds. And I had to edit colors quite a lot to make it visible, but I'm still very satisfied with the result. ^^

Hey, it could've been worse!

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