Luna, oh Luna

Have you ever noticed that huge white ball up on the sky, the one other than the Sun? You know, the one that helps you walk back home after a party (or a really long session of Dungeons & Dragons)? Yeah, I'm talking about the Moon. Although I personally prefer its poetic name, Luna. When you see it, you probably don't think much about it. We've all seen it numerous times, everybody knows what it is and, to be honest, it's not even that cool to watch anymore, at least without the telescope. We even visited it, albeit not in the last thirty years or so.

But think about it a bit. It's a fucking tiny, minuscule planet orbiting our own, slightly bigger planet. Four times bigger, to be precise. It serves as a protective shield, all fighting meteorites and probably evil alien robots that we know nothing about. It also governs the tide, which is awesome. It's like Luna is a real Poseidon. Only without that badass triton-thing. It presumably formed out of the debris left after another planet collided with the young Earth. Another. Planet. Slammed. The Earth. Can you imagine that? Another cool fact about Luna is that it's rotation is synchronous with the Earth. How cool is that? What that means is, as you've probably noticed (I hope), she always shows us the same side. Maybe she's ashamed of the other one, I don't know.

Also, humans visited Luna. That might not seem as something big, or even particularly important at first glance, but it actually is. It's one of the most important moments in human history. We actually left footprints in the dust that hasn't been disturbed in something like 4 billion years. And yes, you silly conspiracy-theorist, it actually happened. And hopefully, it will happen again some time soon. It was humanity's first step in serious space travel, and by reaching it, we also reached a frontier that once seemed unreachable. It would be a great shame if it ended there.

So anyway. Next time you lift your gaze up towards Luna, think about not only what it physically is (which in itself is a great deal to think about), but also what it represents.

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