Despised, but necessary

I've been thinking for some time now what to write in the first post, and not one good idea came to my mind. An introduction, as would be most logical? Most certainly not. I mean, it's the content of the blog that matters the most, not the person behind the screen, right? Well, yes, at least in my opinion. So, I'm gonna skip the first post completely! As much as it is possible, since I do have to have a first post, else I can't start writing.

So, just a few words about the blog itself: in the next few months, it will be EXTREMELY IRREGULAR. You will learn about why is that so when the time comes. Also, posts will be divided into different categories, covering some of my favorite interests. DIY, astronomy, science news, photography, atheism, book reviews and personal are the ones that come to my mind right now, but more categories will probably appear once I start writing more actively.

For the end of this extremely interesting post, a note for the trolls: English is not my native language, so, naturally, I don't speak it perfectly. I do believe it is understandable enough, so please, if your critique is not constructive, don't even bother writing it. I do encourage you to point at my mistakes though, since I follow that wise saying that old people from my country always say: 'We learn while we live.' And with that, this post comes to an end.

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