Mayfly nymph

Today I went for a short walk through the Konavle field, a beautiful place some 20 km south from Dubrovnik. There are a few ponds just a couple hundred meters from my house, so I figured I might as well get some water samples to check under the microscope when I get home. Turns out, I didn't even need the microscope - I got a few beautiful mayfly nymphs right away. The first two images were done without the microscope, as the nymph is about 3 mm in length, quite big enough for some macro photography.
Mayfly nymph (click for larger image)
Caudal filaments (tails)
The next few images were made using the microscope, as I was interested in getting a closer look. Not surprisingly, the results are awesome.
Antennae under the microscope
Caudal filaments under the microscope
Mayfly nymph leg under the microscope, with tarsus and claw in focus
Mayflies are quite interesting insects, with immature stage which lives for about a year, and adult stage which lives from a few minutes up to a few days. Even the name of the order Ephemeroptera, to which they belong, notes their brief lifespan (Ephemeroptera comes from the Greek εφήμερος, ephemeros = "short-lived" or literally "lasting a day", "daily" or "day-long", and πτερόν, pteron = "wing"). That's a sad way to be remembered, I think, but that's how the Nature works, eh? I absolutely recommend you read more about these amazing creatures on the links below. :)



Microscopy ensues!

For a long time I yearned for a microscope. Oh, how cruel the fate was never to provide me with one! I was sad and angry, until I realized I had one right on the shelf in the house. So I repaired it and started using it. How cool is that!
The best way to repair something is to break it, of course.
Et voila!
Now, as I don't posses any chemicals to, you know, render bacteria motionless, as that would most likely be illegal and/or quite expensive, I realized it makes much more sense to film them for now. I also need some immersion oil to use the higher magnification.

Pretty! Yestereve I even photographed what I presume is either binary fission or conjugation, which is cool either way.


Bibliotheca Natura

There's a new section of the blog as of today, called Bibliotheca Natura, where I'm going to write about the biology and ecology of Dubrovnik area. I want to make a kind of biology database where, ideally, anyone will be able to add new (and old) species they encounter around Dubrovnik, and, later on, who knows where else. :3

Now let's explore!

Bibliotheca Natura


Guess who's back?!

Well, of course I'm back. Why would somebody else be back on my blog?

Anyhow, as you can see, I'm back on my old Blogger site. I might ramble about free information society and all that crap but in truth, the only reason I'm not on the alphacmi.com site is because I have no money to renew the domain. So here I am.

If anybody remembers, there was a bunch of new posts on the site after the Another awesome video one, but those are all on the other domain which I can't access any more. Doesn't really matter though, they weren't too clever anyway.

So why am I back? Well, there's been a lot of changes in my life lately so I have a feeling this might be as good time as any to try and breath life into this old bag of thoughts once more. I moved recently, got a car, started the second year of college (again haha)... Things are moving forward and, you know, why would this thing here not move? Let's see how it goes, okay? :)


Another awesome video

This is the most beautiful video I've seen in a long time, so I just wanted to share it. The music, the video... It's all perfect. Viva la human race! :)

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